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Places to visit in Hilo, Hawaii: What’s to see on the Big Island?

Consider Rainbow Falls in downtown Hilo!

Rainbow Falls is located just a few blocks east of the Hilo Medical Center in the Wailuku River State Park on Waiānuenue St. At Rainbow Falls the Wailuku River’s broad steam plunges 80 feet into a large pool below.

There is a beautiful large natural lava tube behind the falls.

Around 10 am there will be rainbows created by the mist if it is sunny. Parking is ample, the walk is short and there is no admission fee.

Rainbow Falls is a great place to visit for young children and people with limited mobility.

If however, you'd like a more adventurous experience, consider booking one of Pali Nana Tours. We are located at 34-4300 Pali Nana Rd. in Papa'aloa, Hawaii.

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