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E Komo Mai! Welcome to Pali Nana Farms!

Updated: Feb 1

Hello and welcome to the first posting of the Pali Nana Farms blog. Pali Nana is the name of the farm we’re developing on a 22-acre lot 22 miles north west of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai’i; Pali Nana roughly means “cliff view” in Hawaiian and is the name of the road on which we are developing the farm.

We’re building a sustainable farm where we’re growing cacao, making and selling chocolate, and will offer horse rides, hayrides, and chocolate demonstrations in just a few months.

We’ll also sell locally grown produce, our chocolate, and locally made art in our guest center all at below market prices. “How can you do that?” - you might ask. Well, let’s consider locally grown produce. Many people in our community have small orchards on their properties, and when a particular fruit ripens there are way more of that fruit than can be eaten. So, a lot of fruit is left to rot on trees. Why not have my workers come pick your produce and get a share of the earnings? It’s a win, win, win situation!

We’re the Minters - Ron, Nadia, Ben and Grant with 17 farm animals and counting.

We moved from Denver a year ago to pursue our dreams of creating this farm.

Ron works part-time as an anesthesiologist at the Hilo Medical Center. Nadia manages the finances and the kids. Ben and Grant are home-schooled and love life on the Big Island.

Thanks for logging on! We’ll aim to post regularly and answer any questions.

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